Home Energy Rating Services Serving the State of Florida

About Infinite Energy Solutions

  • Completing Energy Performance Testing and Inspections Since 2007
  • All IES Employed Inspectors Are RESNET Certified for Energy Ratings and Inspections
  • We Take Pride in Meeting Scheduling Demands – We Will Not Hold Up Construction Closings
  • We Take Pride in Customer Service and Working Closely with Other Vendors to Complete Testing in an Efficient and Accurate Manner

Building Code Compliance Testing (Blower and Duct Tests)

  • Complete Blower Door Testing – Building Code Requirement
  • Test and Certify HVAC Duct System to be “Substantially Leak Free”
  • Earn Valuable Energy Credits Towards Building Code Compliance
  • Electronic Delivery of Test Documents in a Timely Manner
  • Testing Includes Thermal Image Scan and QC Check

Thermal Enclosure Inspection

  • Pre-Drywall Inspection to Ensure Quality Installation of Insulation
  • Ensure all Insulation Fills Building Cavities Without Any Compressions or Voids
  • Inspect All Air Barriers on Vertical Knee Walls to be Properly Installed and Sealed
  • Check to Make Sure all Penetrations Outside Thermal Enclosure are Sealed
  • Visually Inspect HVAC Ducts to Ensure Properly Sealed


Thermal Image Camera Inspections

  • Thermal Enclosure Inspection After HVAC Start Up Using Thermal Image Camera
  • Helps Prevent Future Warranty Claims by Inspecting Potential Issues Behind the Walls
  • Prevent Moisture Problems by Locating Missing Insulation
  • Prevent Electrical Issues by Locating Wires/Outlets with Short Circuits
  • Prevent HVAC Issues by Locating Major Leaks in Ducts


HERS Index Ratings

  • HERS Index is the Industry Standard to Describe the Overall Efficiency of a Home
  • Used as a “Miles Per Gallon” Measuring Tool to Compare Home Energy Efficiency
  • Includes Performance Testing Such as Duct Tests and Blower Door Tests
  • Certification Includes Registration in the RESNET National HERS Index Database
  • Federal Tax Credits Are Available (If Home Qualifies) with HERS Index


Residential Energy Guarantee

  • Bonded Builders Warranty Group Will Issue a Residential Energy Guarantee Based on the HERS Index Score
  • Guarantee is on Total Home Energy Use and Can Be Issued for 2, 3, or 5 Years
  • Guarantee Will Cover All Electrical Usage Above the Pre-Determined Amount


Energy Star Certification

  • The EPA Energy Star Program is the Most Popular, National New Home Energy Certification Program
  • All Homes Are Certified Using the HERS Index
  • Certification Includes a Pre-Drywall Inspection of Thermal Enclosure and Several Performance Tests Such as Duct Test, Blower Door Test, Bedroom Pressure Test
  • Rebates in TECO and Duke Energy Are Available for Energy Star Certified Homes


FGBC and NGBS Green Certifications

  • FGBC Green Certification is the State of Florida Premier New Home Green Certification
  • FGBC Certification Checklist is Designed to Award Points For Green Building Practices Designed for a Hot and Humid Climate
  • NGBS Green Certification is a National Green Building Program
  • Certification Levels Include Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Platinum